Ages 56-65

Topics We Are Here To Help Your Generation With

  • Implementing a detailed financial plan to help you achieve your life goals.
  • Coordinating your retirement and investment accounts to ensure sustainability in retirement. 
  • Implementing an investment strategy appropriate for your comfort level with risk.
  • Coordinating your company benefits to ensure you are taking full advantage of all they have to offer.
  • Implementing a debt management plan to pay down or pay off outstanding debt.
  • Assisting you with the challenges of finding health care if retiring prior to 65.
  • Helping you understand what to expect with Medicare as you get closer to 65.
  • Mapping out the proper timing of when to take social security in the future.
  • Mapping out the timing of withdrawals from your investments and retirement accounts to meet retirement cash flow needs.
  • Assisting you with making sure your family and assets are protected if something happens to you. 

We will assist you with these topics and many more to help you navigate your financial future.